Questions? We have the answers!

Do you respond to cold outreach?

We respond to all startup founders that submit their information to our website.

Do I need a warm intro to land an investment?

No, we do not need one for an investment, in-case other investors insist on one, we can help facilitate warm introductions to both lead investors and other co-investors in our network.

Do you lead?

Yes, Stout Street does lead, co-lead as well as co-invest with other VCs.

Do you have revenue thresholds to invest?

We like to talk to founders at all stages, our current investment preference for startups is at least $10k in monthly revenue.

What is your average check size?

Stout Street’s current fund makes $200-500k investments into pre seed and seed stage companies with reserves for follow on investments.

Where do we invest?

We invest in the US and Canada outside of coastal hubs such as SF, NY, and Boston.