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We are builders just like you, the Stout Street team is a passionate group of startup founders. We have built and scaled several startups and invested in over 65 companies and have evaluated over 10,000 startups since starting Stout Street. We are creators of the UNMET conferences that help founders raise venture capital anywhere. We are here to help scale your startup!

Clay Gordon - Stout Street Capital

Clay Gordon | Partner

HR Tech
Enterprise SaaS
Business Products & Services (B2B)

Clay Gordon brings his experience building and cultivating communities to Stout Street Capital which he co-founded with John Francis in 2017. He primarily focuses on opportunities in the HR, cleantech, edtech, insurtech, and fintech sectors. Clay has cultivated new regions for investment including his former home in the Carolinas and championed such deals as Good United with his background in non-profit fundraising.

John Francis - Stout Street Capital

John Francis | Partner

Real Estate Tech
Supply Chain Tech
Data Analytics
Cyber Security
Life Science
Construction Tech
Consumer Products and Services (B2C)

John Francis brings his experiences as an operator and institutional venture investor. John Francis with Clay Gordon started Stout Street Capital in 2017. As General Partner he focuses on investment opportunities in the IT software serving sectors such as Construction, Government, Energy, Cleantech, Media, Advertising, HR, Healthcare and Cloud services. John works actively on several portfolio company boards, including Schola, Fluent Forever, and Ad Fontes. He previously served on the boards of Popwallet (acquired by Snapchat (Nasdaq: SNAP)) and has made investments in companies such as Left Hand Robotics(Acquired by TORO (NYSE:TTS)

Cindy Ho - Stout Street Capital

Cindy Ho

Data Analytics
HR Tech
Enterprise SaaS

Cindy Ho has a bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics and Business Management from University of Denver. Cindy is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and developing early-stage ecosystems in Middle America.

Founding Team
We look for founding teams with domain level expertise and a tremendous amount of grit. We believe teams with unique and captivating ideas can accomplish their vision, and we are here to help!

We invest in post-product, post-revenue tech startups across sectors, and prefer $20-30k or greater in monthly revenue.

We focus on pre-seed and seed stage companies looking to raise $1M+ in institutional venture capital.

We are a generalist fund that invests in lean technology startups with a preference towards B2B SaaS business model.

We invest in the US and Canada (excluding SF, NY, and Boston).

Stout Street prides itself on being a resource for the founder and letting the founder do what they do best. We lead deals or participate in a syndicate. We are happy to work with other lead investors to unburden founders of excessive due diligence. With our large co-investor network and leadership roles in the UNMET Conference, we work with a large group of partners which helps expedite your fundraising efforts and helps founders focus on building their businesses!


Round Size
Rounds raising at-least $1M in capital, providing 12-24 months of runway.

Due Diligence Time
Typical time for due diligence is 2-3 weeks

Investment Region
We invest in the US and Canada (excluding SF, NY, and Boston).

Investment Pace
We invest in 1-2 startups per month.

Check Size
Our most common check size is $250K.

We are committed to looking at every opportunity that is sent to us and being transparent when it is not a fit.

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